St Andrews Castle

St Andrews Castle is a castle located in St Andrews, Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom. The castle is built on a headland next to the North Sea, overlooking a small beach called Castle Sands.

Distillery Introduction

Founded in 1838, Glen Ord Distillery is one of the very few distillery in Scotland that has its own malting plant. It is located on the most fertile land in the Scottish highlands. It can grow beautiful and fat barley and provide whisky production for use. The characteristic of Glen Ord is the refreshing grassy fragrance. This kind of raw wine needs to be fermented in the Oregon pine wood in the United States for 80 to 110 hours, which is nearly double the fermentation time of the general distillation plant.

St Andrews Castle x Glen Ord

From the time of Bishop Rogers, there was a castle here. Before the Protestant Reformation, the Scottish Religious Center had been located in St Andrews, so wealthy and powerful bishops would choose to live in this castle. Archbishop St. Andrews designated the castle as their palace within the Latin charter. Just like the Glen Ord distillation plant, it is ancient and inherited from generation to generation.

Tasting Notes

Aroma: Light and smooth floral fragrance with a slight fruity aroma.

Taste: The opening is a sweet fruit with a slightly spicy taste of ginger.

Finish: Elegant aftertaste with a chocolate aroma.

| Information

Distillery:Glen Ord
Distillation Date:2007
Cask type:Hogshead