Lindisfarne Priory  

Lindisfarne Priory was founded by Saint Aidan, an Irish monk sent at the request of King Oswald from Iona Island. The priory was built before the end of 634, and Aidan stayed there until his death in 651. For almost three decades, this priory remained the only seat of a bishopric in Northumbria.

Distillery Introduction

Ardmore was founded in 1898 by Adam Teacher. The water source for the distillery is Springs on Knockandy Hill. The current owner Beam Global is managing the distillery production. The distillery is located near Kennethmont in the highland of Scotland. Ardmore mainly produces Scotch whisky, and is known for making light smoked and fruity flavor.

Lindisfarne Priory x Ardmore

Lindisfarne Priory was destroyed and rebuilt many times and was eventually abandoned from 1536 to the present. Ardmore has been working hard to maintain the characteristics of coal-fed heating stills, but it is still invincible with the evolution of the times. It was replaced with steam heating stills in 2001. All of them strive to maintain themselves in history, but they still cannot resist the trend of the times.

Tasting Notes

Aroma: The opening is a light peaty smell, which turns into roasted fish aroma and iodine.

Taste: Soft but clear peaty lingers in the mouth.

Finish: Leave a light smoky flavor in the end.

| Information

Distillery: Ardmore
Distillation Date:2009
Cask Type:Barrel