Single Malt Scotch Whisky
【White Ming】

Label Story

Most of the Mortlach liquid is the supply of blended whiskies under Diageo.  Therefore, the Morlach single malt whisky is very rare in the market.  Mortlach single casks are even more scarce.  This finely selected Mortlach single cask from Or Sileis uses Chinese character “Ming” which is very significant for Chinese people as the front label.  In addition, it matches a high quality handmade wooden box.  The Chinese character ‘Ming’ has multi meanings, it can suggest order, life, fate, destiny and vitality.  This bottle is like the character, you can have different interpretations to feel the flavors with more layers and perspectives. 

Distillery Introduction

Mortlach distillery was built up in 1823, and is located on Dufftown, Speyside.  Unlike most distilleries which have the same style distillers, or distillers in pairs.  Mortlach uses 6 different sizes and shapes of distillers and created an innovative “2.81 distillation” in the late 19th century.  This is the unprecedented great invention.  “Wee Witchie”, the smallest distiller in the distillery, is the most unique distiller of Mortlach 2.81 distillation.  It makes the liquid have the palate with more characters, richness and layers.  This liquid of the final distillation is called “Beast of Dufftown”.


【Cask Information

  • Distillery:Mortlach
  • Age:27
  • Bottles:96
  • ABV:45.2%

【Tasting Note

  • Colour: Dark Amber
  • Nose: It has the aroma of marmalade, tropical fruit and honey cake.
  • Palate: It has the smooth and rich flavors of mint, liquorice, champagne, pine wood, almond and fruits.
  • Finish: It has long finish with dark chocolate and rich nutty flavors in your mouth.