Single Malt Scotch Whisky
【Black Ming】

Label Story

It is very challenging to insist on simplicity and purity in our life these days.  Macallan even able to deliver a very deep message under the simplicity.  It is like the Chinese character of Ming, which looks very simple from its appearance, but has many layers of meaning, which are orders, life, destiny, fate and lifeline.  We decided to choose black paper and do the silvering on the Chinese character to demonstrate the noble and prestigious brand equity of Macallan.

Distillery Introduction

Macallan was owned by Alexander Reid, who founded Elchies in 1824.  Roderick Kemp took over Elchies with great vision in 1892 and changed the name of the distillery as “Macallan”. A distiller is the soul of a distillery.  Its size and shape has a great influence on the character and quality of the distilled liquid.  Macallan refuses to change the structure of distillers and increase its quantity instead.  Cask strength whisky from a small sized distiller and big angle Lyne Arm makes a heavy bodied whisky, which greatly corresponds to the richness of sherry casks.


【Cask Information

  • Distillery: Macallan
  • Cask Type:  Fine Oak Hogshead
  • Age: 27
  • Bottles:96
  • Alcohol Percentage: 45.2%

Tasting Note

  • Nose: Vanilla mixed with caramel, later appears spices and dried fruits.
  • Palate: Strong wood note, with a hint of fruit and chocolate.
  • Finish: Medium long finish with a flovour of spices.