Or Sileis Brand Story

Or means “gold” in Gaelic, high quality whisky is the liquid gold for the Scottish.  Sileis shares the same pronunciation with Dileas (means ‘faith’), therefore, Or Sileis indicates “the gold of faith”.

A group of whisky experts who are from all over the world and have been working in spirits industry for a long time, they strictly follow the spirit of craftsman.  They group together because of their passion for whisky, in addition, most of them are Keepers of the Quaich, which is the highest honor in the Scotch Whisky industry.

These experts are led by the Queen of Whisky, Julie Lee, and they visit distilleries around Scotland to discover and select high quality whiskies with their unique taste and standard.  As the pioneers of spirits, they created the first IB brand in Greater China named Or Sileis.  No matter what whiskies they select, they are all guaranteed to be high quality whisky with very small batches, which are worthy to be collected and drank repeatedly.