Or Sileis Brand Story

Ór means “gold” in Gaelic, high quality whisky is the liquid gold for the Scottish.  Sileis shares the same pronunciation with Dileas (means ‘faith’), therefore, Ór Sileis indicates “the gold of faith”.

Shokunin is a Japanese word that means craftsman with superb skills, and there is indeed a group of whisky shokunin in the whisky industry. They come from all over the world and have been traveling between Europe and Asia for many years. They have been immersed in the whisky industry for many years, know the main single whiskey origins in Europe and Asia like back of their hand, consistently pursued the spirit of the shokunin. They guard tradition of whiskey with excellence attitude, also committed to promoting high-quality whisky products.

Among this group of whisky shokunin, some people have become the Keeper of Quaich in Scotland because of their great contribution to the whisky industry. Only those who have made outstanding contributions to the Scottish whisky industry can have the opportunity to awarded this lifetime honor.

These people flying around day and night from young to old, and have never changed their original intentions of seeking high-quality whiskey and share it with more whisky lovers. The consultant group of Ór Síleis is the outstanding representative among them. They select and  bring the most outstanding single malt whisky on the market.