About PICT

The word ‘Pict’ first emerged in AD297, from the creator, Eumenius’ eulogy in ancient Rome.  It indicates the inhabitants of Caledonia (Scotland nowadays) which is situated on the north of River Forth, several centuries ago.

We use the name of Scottish ancestors of “PICT” as the name of the company due to the professional backgrounds of the members of the company.  Each of them has been working in whisky industry for many years, and owns more than 3,000 casks in Scotland.  Owing to the strong professional background and great assets, PICT looks forward to becoming the pioneer of Scotch in Greater China, and furthermore establishing the first independent bottler in Greater China.

Members of PICT

Jack Yu

Founder & CEO

  • Listed Company: ATrack Technology Inc Independent Director
  • Listed Company: CHIPSOURCE CO., LTD. Chairman of the Board
  • Listed Company: Skymedi Corporation Director
  • Listed Company: iROC Co., Ltd. Director

Jack has been a spirit collector for over 35 years, he owns more than 10,000 bottles of whisky.  The range covers all the continents in the world, from the main stream Scotch to the popular Japanese whisky.

李素溶Julie Lee

Julie Lee

Chief Consultant

  • 2013 The Keeper of the Quaich, Julie is the first female keeper for single malt whisky in Greater China due to her great contribution of promoting single malt Scotch.
  • Judge of International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC), London
  • Principal of Whisky Ambassador Programme Greater China.  Whisky Ambassador Programme is the only institution with official certification by the British government
  • Founder of Asia Palate Association
  • Chairperson of China Malt Craftsman Association
  • Qualification of Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Level 3

Katsuhiko Tanaka

Joint Consultant​

  • 2002 The Keeper of the Quaich
  • Receiver of the life time honor of Commandeur du Bontemps in Bordeaux, France
  • Tanaka family has been running the business of sake, red wines and cognac since 1925. Now is the importer and national wholesaler of Japanese whisky, Katsuhiko Tanaka is the owner of the third generation and current CEO.
  • Pioneer of purveying single malt single cask whisky in Japanese market.
Paul Houlders

Paul Houlders

Art Director

  • Group art director, asia, electronic arts november 2014 – present
  • Art director, electronic arts, shanghai 2010 – present
  • Consultant/art director to mindwalk studios, beijing 2009-2010
  • Freelance production designer, butterfly fx uk 2008-2009
  • Lead artist– electronic arts, uk 2003-2007
  • Lead/senior 3d artist – studio 33, uk 1999-2003
  • Senior 3d artist – sony psygnosis, uk 1993-1999

Paul has more than 20-year experience of designing, and has worked in England and China for many years.  He is full of creativity and innovation when it comes to label artwork of whisky.  He is totally capable of creating a unique product packaging with artistic value. 


whisky consultancy business

  • 6th generation of the Thomson family who have been in the whisky industry since 1838
  • whisky consultancy business 
  • Certificate in the IBD Fundamentals of Distillilation course